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Prices per day voor het season 2019

All the prices are in swedish krones.

Highseason 16 June t/m 15 August
Lowseason 1 May t/m 15 June and 16 August t/m 30 September 

  Lowseason Highseason
Cabin with 4 beds 350 kr. 450 kr.
Big area (with power optional)    
Caravan-car 165 kr. 200 kr.
Camper 165 kr. 200 kr.
Tent-car 165 kr. 200 kr.
Elektricity connection 40 kr. 40 kr.
Smal area (without power)    
Tent 100 kr. 135 kr.
Boats and surfboard rent out Per hour 50 kr.
  Half day 150 kr.
  Whole day 250 kr.

It is recommended to book a date during the highseason. Below you will find a form which you can use to sent your request for a booking. For other questions you can use the contact page or sent a message to our email adres info@mycklaflonscamping.com.


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