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    Mycklaflons campsite is located in the southern part of Sweden

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    Mycklaflons campsite is located in the southern part of Sweden

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    Mycklaflons campsite is located in the southern part of Sweden

  • Campsite


    The campsite is situated on the Smålands highlands.

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  • Swedish stuga

    Swedish stuga

    Sleping in a swedish stuga, isn't that amazing.

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  • Luxuros safaritents

    Luxuros safaritents

    Cooking outside on the drivable kitchen on your own wooden terrce.

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  • Vacationhouse Boarp

    Vacationhouse Boarp

    On a fantastic location we have this typical swedish house for rent.

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  • Stuga Gummarp

    Stuga Gummarp

    On a smal distance from the campsite with a fantastic view on lake Mycklaflon.

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  • Appartments in Höreda

    Appartments in Höreda

    Appartments in the former daycare center Sunnanäng in Höreda about 5 km. from Eksjö

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Mycklaflons camping

Mycklaflons camping is located in the southern part of Sweden. Here are the Småland highlands. The land of Pippi Longstocking and the Nordic gold rush. A region of rolling hills adorned with many boulders, vast forests and numerous lakes and rivers. Summers are warm and quite soft. The campground is popular for its beautiful peaceful surroundings and situated on the beach of the big lake Mycklaflon. All this is good for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The perfect place for people who want to stay in nature. We have 40 pitches for tents, campers or caravans, 25 electrical connections, 3 well-equipped safaritents and 4 nice and cosy camping cabins (stugor).

Ben Schimmel and Hanny Harmsen wish you a warm welcome.


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