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Naturreservat Norrsånna and the story of the lost childeren

Norrsånna is a small but beautiful nature reserve and is located next to Mycklaflons camping.

Norrsånna Nature Reserve is an old deciduous forest located on the notherns slopes of Lake Mycklaflon. It is an old mown meadow, nowadays partially overgrown with broadleaved trees. Here you will find a rich floral display with a variety of herbs and grasses. The reserve also invite you to swim in the clean and clear waters of the lake. A footpath leads through the reserve to a hill that is 60 m above the water surface of Mycklaflon with a picnic spot and a nice viewpoint. There, oak and maple grow mixed with culturally distributed plants. Here are also the remains of a house foundation and a stone earth celler.

But that's not all ... there is a story that there is also hidden a treasure

A long time ago, at the top of the hill in the nature reserve of Norrsånna there once stood a beautiful house where a lovely family lived. However, one day while the children were playing in the woods, they got lost and were never to be seen again. Nobody knows what happened to them. Filled with the grief of the loss of their children they abandoned the place they once called home. But they didn’t want to take the toys of the children with them in case they would return someday.  Instead they filled a wooden chest with all their belongings and hid it somewhere near the place they were once so happy. How knows maybe one day the children find their way back ….

Or maybe other children find the treasure chest.

It seems that the chest is hidden under the coördinates:   N57’35.573’ and E015”15.113’

And you need this code to open the chest                             575

Before you even think about searching for the chest have a good thought. You are allowed to take something out but you have to put something back into the chest. If the children ever come back they will be able to play again.


Searching is fun but respect nature.

You can only search for the chest between 1 mai and 30 september.

For more questions or information about the coördnates ask in the reception.



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