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Basecamp from Geardropper


Do you want to combine flying with camping or simply travel to Sweden without a tent? Which can!


As a campsite we are connected with the innovative camping concept GEARDROPPER

From our campsite you can make a camping tour to beautiful (nature) campsites in the area.

Would you prefer to book a arrangement or experiment with wild camping? It is all possible with the Geardropper concept.

Imagine: you pack your suitcase, get on the plane and once you land you jump in a rental car and head for our campsite. We ensure that your inflatable tent is ready and the first night has already been arranged for you. The camping equipment of Geardropper is comfortable and fully equipped with chairs, kitchen utensils and brand new sleeping bags. You start to the last detail prepared for a beautiful road trip through Småland!


How does it work:

After the first night you can start the tour, with a camping guide and Geardropper card. Enjoy freedom! You also spend the last night of your vacation with us. You can leave the tent and equipment at check-out, which we will tidy up, clean and neatly store away. You drive back to the airport, hand in the rental car and fly home.


Curious? View all the options here.



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    The campsite is situated on the Smålands highlands.

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